About Us

PSPY International Ltd is a Romanian company that was established in 2014 by two partners, who brought to the company more than thirty years’ combined experience and know-how.

Marius Cristescu is a Romanian citizen, has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and is also the owner and main shareholder of Kruger Pharm Distribution Ltd, established in 1999. The aim behind the company was to set up a medical drugs distribution network covering the whole of the Romanian market. The company imports and distributes medical drugs to more than one thousand pharmacies and hospitals throughout Romania.

Marius Cristescu is also the main shareholder in an advertising company called Media Connection S.R.L. The company has advertising hoardings in every major city in Romania.

Yahav Shmuel is an Israeli citizen, who retired from the Israeli Air Force after twenty-five years of service, during which he was a member of a military delegation to the Grumman Aerospace Corporation in the United States of America.

Yahav Shmuel also has seven years’ experience with BVR Systems, a company that manufactures simulators and air combat debriefing systems, where he held the position of global customer support director.
Yahav Shmuel holds an EMBA Degree in Business Administration from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. He has also taken a Degree in Electronics, specialising in computers.
Both partners bring the knowledge, experience and know-how required in order to move forward to new horizons.

PSPY represents a number of Israeli and U.S. companies that manufacture medical equipment, engaging in a full process of research and production in Eastern Europe.

The goal of our company is to be the East European market leader in the field of manufacturing, distributing and supporting custom-made medical equipment for hospitals, medical clinics and private doctors.